In a world driven by data which exists at the fingertips of every smartphone user, the slot player stands alone and uninformed about the recent win/loss history of casino slot machines.  They hope, rely on intuition or even pray for a winning result. The decision to play a particular machine (remember: Play=Use Real Money) has always relied heavily upon a machine’s ability to engage the patron with lights and music or simply a “hunch.”


Until now!


What is Slot Karma?


The Slot Karma app provides win/loss histories, handpay and jackpot payouts as well as personalized comments about any slot machine found in any casino.  It does all of this while offering its users valuable personalized discounts and products through its offer button found in the toolbar at the bottom of each screen in the app.  In short, Slot Karma fills the data void experienced by slot patrons with a proprietary and ever growing database comprised of the history of payouts for every slot machine in the USA!


Slot Karma and its users take part in crowdsourcing efforts to populate the myriad of databases managed by our staff.  Think of Slot Karma as the Waze of slot machines! Through our community of users, Slot Karma will provide the information necessary to change the way slot players approach casino gaming forever!


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